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Wim Wiesmeijer Boeketterie

Arno Dijkdrent of Wim Wiesmeijer boeketterie, a florist’s shop based in Rijnsburg (NL) which specialises in making ready-made bouquets, got in touch with AlfaPro to ask about new software solutions. For AlfaPro, Amerik took charge of the project and implemented NEXT. Read the customer query below and find out how we fixed things.

Customer query

  1. The required functionalities in NEXT were for incoming goods, stock management and outgoing VMP links (VMP supplier) for the sales.
  2. Upgrading of outdated software was also a prerequisite.


With the aid of the required functionalities, NEXT now enables the user to quickly access information on stock which is then made available (or not) via E-commerce. Because implementation was split between purchasing and sales, impact was negligible and the whole process passed off extremely smoothly.
In addition, the VMP 1.0 version is now being used, which makes it easier to see what is happening via whatever link.


NEXT gives Wiesmeijer a cloud solution which is paving the way towards a digital future. The programme’s speed and ease of use are its most eye-catching features.

What next?

We certainly won’t be losing contact with each other. There will always be aspects which can be improved on and where we can help Wiesmeijer. A ‘grouped items’ functionality is something which can be developed in collaboration with Wiesmeijer in the future.

Wim Wiesmeijer Boeketterie’s reaction

Arno and Jesper (on the right of the photo) view their experience of working with NEXT as positive, primarily on account of the programme’s speed. The system is simple in its use and also self-explanatory: Amerik had little need to explain how it all worked. The fact that they can now perform more activities online is a big asset, adds Arno. This means you can check and finish something at home or see in real-time what a customer is doing.

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