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The all-in-one package from AlfaPro Next

Good software enables information to be brought together from every department. Cash & Carries who are switching to AlfaPro Next (it turns out in increasing numbers) are already finding out the benefits in terms of increased productivity and big cost savings. Orders are registered by means of PDA with scanner enabling the customer to access the (touchscreen) checkout. The customer can then choose to pay in cash, by direct debit or through their account, after which they are sent a delivery note or invoice by return. All the details are entered at the touch of a button. At all times, sales and stock management are up-to-date. Just as with the entire accounting procedure, including direct-debits and credit management, it’s no longer a manual process.

After an extensive fact-finding mission,  Florin, the German-based distributor of flowers and decorative materials in the Nuremburg region, opted for AlfaPro Next. Its ease-of-use clinched it for them. This is down to the fact that AlfaProNext makes use of all the latest technology. The super efficient dashboard layout allows the user to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Thanks to the clear and concise controls the system can be navigated by anyone.

The gold standard in flowers, plants and fruit & veg

For an increasing number of cash and carries in flowers, plants and fruit & veg, AlfaPro Next is becoming the gold standard when it comes to modern and efficient company business software: an all-in-one, easy-to-use package designed for user convenience. Find out more about the full range of functionalities on our website.

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