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Reliable back-up and antivirus: one less worry

The likelihood of a new wave of ransomware attacks is real. This is a warning from Northwave, a Dutch-based internet security concern which is often called in to help out victims of such attacks. Private and public-sector organisations are regular targets of such malicious attacks. They are blackmailed into parting with large amounts of money to regain access to their own data. Effective antivirus software and complete back-ups of digital files are therefore an absolute must for companies these days. The internet conceals may dangers: viruses and ransomware (are amongst the daily threats.

There are back-up systems aplenty. We recommend Solcon’s  ‘Cloud Backup’. This will provide you with an exact copy of your valuable company data wherever they it be located. This is done automatically every day and stored securely in encrypted form in a state-of-the-art data center. No one else can access the data. In an emergency you can retrieve all your data (including older versions) with a simple click.

Our data centers are located throughout the Netherlands so that your data is stored in a controlled and stored environment: what could be more reliable? One less worry!

Want to know more  about back-ups and antivirus? If so, feel free to contact  our hardware department at  ALFA PRO Systems.

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