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Real gains to be made by horticultural and fruit & veg sectors

Some of you might have already ‘met’ him at our recent webinar on 12 May: Jordy. In the said webinar, the product owner gave a detailed and expert explanation about the new  webshop in AlfaPro NEXT. You’d be forgiven for thinking that he’d worked with us for years, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Jordy actually only joined us on 1 January this year. After quickly learning the ropes, he now feel completely at home here.

Role and challenge

‘For a long time I worked in a large organisation,’ Jordy explains. ‘As such, you never had the same level of involvement with everything and everybody. That’s different here. There’s a lot more team spirit and communication amongst colleagues. I believe that has a positive effect on the work and the product. We develop both internally and externally. My role and challenge here is to establish a solid foundation for the webshop. The horticultural and fruit & veg sectors have an enormous amount to gain from it. Our new webshop has everything! I’m convinced it will lead to a lot of satisfied customers.’

Fingers crossed

Jordy is 31 years old and lives with his partner of several years, Manon, in ‘a nice little house’ in Valkenburg. He likes to spend his free time with family and friends. Wining and dining, barbecues, a game or two of cards …. it’s all part of the fun. He’s also a big Ajax fan and regularly gets to see his favourite team, at home and abroad. And some breaking news: in July he hopes to tie the knot with Manon. Covid regulations permitting, of course! So fingers crossed!

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