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Progressing NEXT implementation at Liberty Flowers

We are ALFA PRO, specialists in software solutions for the floriculture and AGF trade. With 35 years of experience and a passionate team, we are a reliable partner at home and abroad.

In this article, you will read about a UK-based flower wholesaler, Liberty Flowers Wholesale, which made the move to our NEXT software package. We show you how quickly and easily you can get started with this system.

Wills Childs, owner of the company, recently joined us in the office 2 days a week to set up the system. We asked him why he chose NEXT and how the journey is going so far;

Wills says: ‘Over the past year, sales have fallen, many customers have left for online webshops. We lagged behind and were forced to take short-term measures to improve and re-market ourselves. A new webshop and stock management, that’s our focus. In talking to David and Amerik from ALFA PRO, I gained confidence that NEXT was exactly what we were looking for. 6 weeks ago, we decided to go with NEXT and we are already almost live! For a month now, I have been in ALFA’s office every week implementing the system, with the help of Amerik and David. They are great, very helpful and every question is answered. They make me feel at home, I even have a nameplate in the office!

Ready for the future

The system is more than I expected. And through this period of implementation, I get to know the package so well, every code and every functionality. And through this period of implementation, I get to know the package so well, every code and every functionality. Soon, it will come naturally and we will be ready for the future! My customers will soon be able to buy flowers like they are used to with clothes and other things, on any device, any place and any time…’

This article will be continued when they are live. We will then talk about how Wills looks back on the journey and whether the high expectations were met. In the meantime, if you are interested please feel free to contact us!

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