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Nowadays VoIP telephony is indispensable

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is the abbreviation for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and refers to the transmission of voice traffic across an internet connection. In partnership with Voip4all, we can provide guaranteed telephone accessibility.

VoIP telephony
Calls using the internet are fast and flexible.

Internet telephony using VoIP

ISDN or analogue telephony is disappearing. With a telephone switchboard in the cloud, also called hosted VoIp, your telephone system is located in the network of a provider. This gives you flexibility. Other needs or new colleagues? This call centre can grow with your business. You can also call from your business number from your PC, laptop, iPad or tablet. If you choose to link mobile telephone numbers to the system using our mobile package, you can choose whether to call using your mobile number or from your business landline. Want to know more about the many possibilities of VoIP telephony? If so, feel free to contact us.

Telephone switchboard in the cloud
VoIP telephony hardware from Yealink.

Advantages of VoIP telephony

Here are just a few benefits of being able to call over the internet.
• No investment needed in your own telephone switchboard. Your switchboard will be in the cloud.
• Savings in your monthly telephone bills due to favourable VoIP rates
• Calling colleagues is free and (regardless of where they are) they can always be reached on the same number by customers
• A single location-independent company telephone network
• Possibility of making calls via PC, laptop, iPad or tablet
• Payment per user, so a telephone system which expands (or contracts) with your organisation
• Never any under- or overcapacity.

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