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From local servers to cloud solutions

Speed, reliability and security. The three most important elements when choosing the right server for your business. We help you make that choice.

Latest HP servers
We offer a wide range of HP servers.

Local server

Your business has its own server. This server is the basis of your business automation. Your systems, your data and your back-ups are all stored on this server. Speed is the biggest advantage of a local server. Since the server is on your own premises, the digital highway to it is both shorter and faster. Do you work a lot with different kinds of software, some of which is outdated? If so, a cloud server is not the right solution because of software incompatibility. The choice to have one’s own, local server may also be dependent on specific regulations which apply to your business, thus compelling you to use a local server.

Flexible and secure within the cloud
Our cloud specialists can provide you with a customised cloud server.

Server in the cloud

‘Somewhere on internet’ there are servers in the cloud. These servers are ‘hosted’ by major players specialising in this. One major benefit of a server in the cloud is its flexibility. If you need additional space, you can upscale. And if you need less space, you can downscale. Since you only pay for what you need or use, there is a large degree of flexibility. As such, a server in the cloud expands in line with your business and requirements. Since you work in the cloud with the very latest software, these servers are ultrafast. This means you are always up-to-date and the security and back-ups of your data are organised at a large scale. If you’d like to be in the cloud, but one which is dedicated to your business, a private cloud (instead of a public one) is perhaps the best solution for you.

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