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IT solutions for businesses

Each and every organisation or business is different and has different needs. We help identify your specific IT requirements. We only implement the solutions that you need, and no more. Our services are transparent, practical and to the point.

IT management by specialists
Focus on your core business and outsource your IT management, in terms of both hardware and software.

Outsourcing IT

Do you wish to store data locally because your business regulations compel you to? Or would you prefer greater flexibility by being able to work in the cloud? Is the size of your workforce subject to change and do you want to introduce a variable telephone network with VoIP? ALFA PRO Systems can provide a customised solution to suit any wish, any requirement and any organisation. Feel free to contact one of our IT experts to have the needs of your organisation identified.

24/7 support
We manage your information systems remotely and in situ.

Remote IT support

Affordable and yet fully supported. Maintaining your own IT department is sometimes not viable. It’s too much of a distraction from your core business. An external partner which uses the latest digital technologies and which responds quickly is the key to successful business. We help improve your cybersecurity, password management, updates, maintenance of systems, linkage of systems and provide IT support 24/7. For work in house and for colleagues working from home.

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Do you need support or do you have question about our solutions?

Are you already working with one of our products and do you need support? Or are you looking for an appropriate solution or seeking a conversation about all the possibilities? If so, just complete the form and we’ll get back to you.