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Cloud solutions for businesses

Programmes such as Microsoft Office 365, data servers and VoIP telephony no longer operate via a local server, but are in the cloud. This cloud is hosted by Dutch data centers.

The most well-known cloud solution for businesses.

Cloud solutions for SMEs

Always work with the latest software without having to pay for every update. Data that is stored securely in a Dutch data center. You only pay for what you use and can access your data from anywhere. These are the advantages of using business software in the cloud. Installation of software on local computers is no longer required, but instead use can be made using the very latest version online. The most well-know cloud solution is Microsoft Office 365. But there are others too. Below you can find a list of cloud solutions offered by ALFA PRO Systems.

Working on internet at all times
Find out about the best cloud solution for your business.

The cloud solutions offered by ALFA PRO Systems

We’re only too happy to tell you about the different cloud solutions. Do you need advice for your business? If so, contact one of our experts.
• AlfaPro Remote Office; server space on our data server in the cloud
• Office365; the most well-known programmes, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.
• VoIP telephony; calls via the internet

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WiFi and networks
A wide WiFi network range is essential for constant access to all your business data.
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