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Improve your work flow with AlfaPro NEXT

Logging in to a server is now a thing of the past. Whether you’re on the road, at home or abroad, you can now work directly in a web client, from a desktop or mobile device. Your distribution, purchasing, sales, invoicing, container registration, cash-register and webshop activities in one system and on your mobile!

Responsive design
Responsive design means mobile-friendly solutions.

Fully web-based on a mobile or tablet

More than 300 customers who are already using the current ERP software package from ALFA PRO IT are soon to experience how quickly and easily AlfaPro NEXT enables you to manage the most important processes within your company on your mobile or tablet and whilst on the go. No spreadsheet-like overviews, but user-friendly summaries designed for use on a range of devices. Just log in on AlfaPro NEXT’s web client to see all your logistical, commercial and administrative processes at a glance.

Link to other systems

Connections with all kinds of other systems are becoming ever more vital. By this we mean not only financial or links with suppliers’ stock, but also, for example, other parties that collect ‘big data’ data for analyses. For example, dashboards such as Power BI, ClickView or other business intelligence tools. Within NEXT, a link can be made with almost every tool or platform.

NEXT has an extremely user-friendly, state-of-the-art webshop, but you may have highly specific requirements, in which case using our webshop API it will be no problem to link your own in-house webshop to the system.

From sole trader to large SME. From fruit & veg to the wider horticultural sector. From on-the-road vendors and Cash & Carry to wholesalers and exporters. AlfaPro NEXT is geared up to any kind of business. Now available in English, Dutch and German, with other languages optional.

Unique in the fresh produce market
ERP software and cash-register system in one.

The benefits of AlfaPro NEXT explained

What are the key benefits of the ERP software package, AlfaPro NEXT? Below is a brief explanation.

Cash-register system. Developed and produced fully in-house with touchscreen cash-register design. Can also be used in cold stores. Can be linked with accounting systems so that cash-register entries can be made immediately. Meets the stringent German guidelines. Check out all the specifications for our cash-register system.

Webshop smart links with any webshoppossible via VMP and API.

Container registration. Keeps track of container supplies using a completely automatic container registration. Simply scan the container directly from your mobile device in AlfaPro NEXT

Suppliers’ products with pre-orders without a time limit!met pre-orders zonder tijdslimiet! This way you always have a list of actual and fictitious stock and your customers can plan well ahead for those red-letter days.

Product photography now available direct in your product range using your mobile device. No longer any need for photo booth and uploading to the stock system!!

Links with a diversity of tools is now possible

What does AlfaPro NEXT cost per month?

AlfaPro NEXT keeps things quick and easy. A new functionality can be installed and used following an update of just fifteen minutes. What does this extra module cost? Nothing! Will the price of the subscription increase? No, absolutely not. Starting rates for AlfaPro NEXT are just EUR 375 per month.

Complete your details below and we will calculate the investment you need to make to start working with NEXT!

Interested? If so, feel free to get in touch with us for a demo. We will explain all the ins and outs of AlfaPro NEXT. Or check out our ‘How to’ videos on YouTube to find out more about our software.

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