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Orders/pre-orders now available in NEXT!

The ‘Orders/pre-orders’ functionality in AlfaPro NEXT enables users top offer fictitious stock via de webshop. Less risk for you and greater product availability for the customer!

It works like this: make a list of the products you wish to offer (and which you can buy in from suppliers) and post this online. It’s also possible to enter orders manually from the webclient on VMP product range or own stock.
When they make their purchases, webshop customers can select their preferred date-time of delivery. The purchases are then placed in the systems as an order which still has to be ‘completed’. A purchase list can be printed from these orders for the buyers. The orders can be easily completed in the ‘ordering environment’ by next sending these to the relevant parties. In the list you can see the orders per customer on the left, or the total number of parties.

In the screenshot below you can see the orders on the left and the stock that you can write off from the orders on the right. As soon as the orders have been completed, these will disappear from the list.


Interested in the ‘Orders/pre-orders’ functionality? If so, feel free to contact us for a demo.

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