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‘Online payments’ on the NEXT webshop

In collaboration with Studio Projectie and Payment Provider Mollie, we developed the new add-on ‘online payment’. This functionality in the NEXT webshop allows customers to pay outstanding items online. This allows for more flexibility for customers and also faster processing of payments.


The payment functionality runs through Mollie’s software. Mollie offers a wide range of payment options for almost the entire European market. Mollie was additionally chosen based on security, ease of use and insight. Some examples of payment options include IDEAL, Credit card, Paypal, Klarna, Sofort and Apple pay.

Outstanding items

Online payments are made on open items because they are final and correspond to invoicing.

After completion in the webshop, these are also processed in NEXT. In addition, an e-mail is also sent as soon as a payment is received. This way, it is always known when and by whom a payment was completed in the webshop.

Credit limit

Payment of outstanding items is linked to the Credit Limit. If Credit Limit is used, online payments are processed directly in the credit. This ensures that customers can automatically restore their credit at any time of the day by making an online payment.


Ready to get started with this add-on or more information? Get in touch with us!
Online payments are delivered in collaboration with Studio Projection through a clear onboarding process.

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