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Different packages for multiple target groups

With the number of increased customers, we see NEXT being used in different ways and with different intensity. This gives us the insight to bring different gradations to NEXT and make it accessible to multiple audiences. From 1 January 2024, we will work with the following package compositions:

Go, Essentials, Premium and Advanced

Read the description for each package below and see its composition and (add-on) functionality.

Software AlfaPro NEXT
The all-in-one solution to oil the wheels of the whole logistical process, from an administrative perspective too.

Description packages


A sales package for selling your own products without stock management. Apart from accounting integration, no further external connections are possible. This package is designed for a limited number of users and cannot be linked to a web shop. The target audience consists of traditional line drivers.

NEXT Essentials

This sales package enables users to sell incoming stock lots. It offers connectivity with the outside world, with an emphasis on direct reselling of purchased stock lots. A webshop cannot be linked to this package either. It is intended for smaller wholesalers and line operators with third-party webshops.

NEXT Premium

A very comprehensive sales package with advanced functions for inventory management, price management and logistics handling. It can be extended with a webshop, e-commerce offer and various connectivity options (API/links). This package is ideal for wholesalers, cash & carry’s and line drivers with their own webshop. But also for the shipping exporter who can work without volume and logistics calculations. This package is currently used by the vast majority of current NEXT users.

NEXT Advanced

This package offers even more extensive functions for logistics handling, such as volume calculation and output control. Connectivity options (APIs and links) are also more extensive. Many future functionalities on the roadmap will be part of this. This package has been specially developed for exporters and full-service suppliers.

Take a look at some of our NEXT projects


Check the functionality for each package below.
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Check below the additional options (add-ons) available for NEXT.
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