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NEXT a big advance for C. van der Meij & Zn

The family business C. van der Meij & Zn, located at the wholesale market in Amsterdam, is a specialist in fruit and vegetables. A wide range of home-grown produce, which comes directly from the grower or grower. They also import products from all over the world, drive all over the suburbs to supply restaurants with fresh trade and retailers know where to find them to replenish their fresh shop stock (retail). A versatile company, then, where quality is paramount.

After years of using the AlfaPro software package, they were ready for new software. The desire was also to introduce a web shop and innovate the business by revamping its automation. From a fellow AGF company, they heard very good reports about AlfaPro NEXT. The experiences of this satisfied user and the convenience of staying with the same supplier made Van der Meij & Zn decide to switch to NEXT.

Amerik then picked up and successfully implemented the NEXT project. Read below the customer request and how we worked it out.

Customer query

  1. A new webshop through which to manage and promote products
  2. More possibilities through updated software


AlfaPro has been replaced by NEXT and expanded to include a webshop. The existing tablets are equipped with the web client, which allows, among other things, order picking. For an optimal user experience, we revamped the Wi-Fi network, which was already under our management. In addition, a server was set up in our data centre for the use of NEXT. Unlike the old situation, it is now located in the cloud.


C. van der Meij & Zn has taken a nice step forward in terms of stock management and sales by using the user-friendly NEXT. Because NEXT incorporates a greater level of automation, in combination with efficiency improvements in the work process, staff are now able to work more effectively.

Customers can now make their own purchases in the webshop. After this, the orders appear directly in the order picking screens on the mobile devices. This eliminates the need for salespeople to enter the orders themselves.

Comment Gijs van der Meij

Gijs van der Meij (4th generation Van der Meij), together with his uncle Jan van der Meij, picked up the trajectory within the company. We spoke to Gus to look back at how this went and how things are going now. Gijs says: ‘It is going well now, we are very happy with NEXT and didn’t need much time to get used to the system because it is very simple and logical to use. In the beginning it was intensive because a lot of time went into entering all the articles and the assortment. But apart from that, the implementation went quite smoothly with few problems. The cooperation was very nice, if we couldn’t figure it out, a phone call or e-mail was often enough.

Benefits NEXT

Right at the start of our conversation, Gijs enthusiastically tells us what he is happiest with: “Being able to use the system on your phone in particular is a great improvement. Being able to enter an order at home or on the road or view a price for a certain customer is very handy! In addition, the tablets were not used with AlfaPro; now with NEXT we use them extensively for order picking and this works very nicely. After order picking, people can immediately check and print the receipt themselves, which is a lot faster and more efficient’.
Judith van der Meij says that NEXT is also a great improvement from an administrative point of view: ‘It fits in so much more easily with the administration and data are very easy to find. And, not unimportantly, because receipts, for instance, no longer need to be processed separately, the time saved is easily 10 hours a week!’


Gijs is a big advocate of a webshop and would like to get all their customers excited about this. He is working hard on this and enthusiastically talks about his ‘mission’: ‘With the launch of NEXT, we also introduced our webshop. For this, it is very important to keep a current and accurate inventory. This took some getting used to because this was not done before. For example, some merchandise was still taken without registering it. Now this is going a lot better, we work much more efficiently and have better insight. We are very happy with the webshop, the link with NEXT works great and it looks sleek. We take the pictures of the merchandise ourselves and keep the shop updated daily very easily.’

Gijs continues: ‘The webshop has been up and running for a while now, but we find that our customers find this switch difficult. People prefer the personal contact. This I understand and makes sense, it also takes some switching. But I am convinced that people won’t want anything else once they experience the benefits. On the webshop, you can order any time of the day, seeing current prices, the range and stock at a glance. For us, it is also nice when orders are placed online, then we can clearly see what orders are coming in and can pre-sort accordingly.’

What next?

In the future, Gijs would like to add more items from other companies in the wholesale market to their shop: ‘That way, we can offer our customers an even wider range. All that is also possible in NEXT. But that’s a next step and we’re going to delve further into that!’

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