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Faster and more efficient working at Kwekerij Wouters

With more than 44 hectares of glasshouses, Kwekerij Wouters, a nursery based in Ens, is a key player in the market for seasonal annuals. The company specialises in providing a full range of products and in large volumes. Their internal processes and growing methods are fully geared up to this way of working.
At the start of 2022, their Cash & Carry outlet was expanded. Having outgrown their current capacity, there was a need for extra space. Er is nu mThe result is now more space to present and display products, as well as a bigger car park. The Cash & Carry also has three new loading bays which gives the company additional logistical benefits.
The expansion was reason enough for modernising their IT systems too. This involved switching to use of the new AlfaPro NEXT. The changeover was completed in the first quarter of the 2022, so everything was in place for the new season. On behalf of Alfa Pro, Jordy took charge of the project and implemented NEXT. Read the customer query below and find out how we fixed things.

Customer query

  1. Faster and more efficient software
  2. A new webshop through which to manage and promote products
  3. Better insights into stocks and sales


With the implementation of NEXT, purchasing and stock management in the Cash & Carry are now much easier to enter and manage. Big savings have been brought about when compared to the previous manual entry of data.
The webshop has a much more modern look and feel and is easier to navigate. The webshop’s ordering process is fully integrated with the company’s Cash & Carry’s processes. For Wouters, it also means that it is easier to have customers buy in direct from suppliers.
Due to the high turnover and the processing of stock management in a web-based environment, product availability is always up-to-date for all staff. Synchronisation is no longer needed, because all purchase, stock level and sales information is available in real time.


In terms of stock management and sales, Wouters has made significant strides forward. Not only does this involve greater automation of activities, but also more efficient working practices, brought about with the help of NEXT. Staff able to work more effectively, whilst at the same time accepted working practices have remained largely unaffected.
The additional sales points have enabled personnel using hand-held scanners to help up to 15 customers at any one time, who – it should be said – now have ample space to park IN the Cash & Carry. Administration and payment are made via a NEXT cash register, so everything goes through a centralised system.

Wouters’ reaction

Gouke has overall responsibility for the Cash & Carry’s activities. Together with Jordy, he helped implement the project and is enthusiastic about the results: ‘Because of the plans to expand our Cash & Carry, we got in touch with ALFA PRO, seeing as we wanted additional sales points and software that was able to deal with this. ALFA suggested we worked with NEXT. They said it would help us work faster and more efficiently and that, of course, appealed to us. In the main, the implementation process went smoothly and we have been exceptionally pleased with Jordy’s support. I’d like to personally thank him here for his efforts in setting up NEXT for us! Our experience is that working with NEXT makes things a whole lot quicker and easier. The package is innovative and simple to use. Initially, our staff needed to get used to the new software, but I can quite honestly say, people are now extremely happy with NEXT.’

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