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Effiflora: efficient working practices, wherever and whenever

Effiflora is an exporter of flowers, plants and decorative items. For Effiflora, as the name suggests, efficient and effective activities requires a demand-driven way of working, without stock, but with a well-selected product range. In addition to the Netherlands, products are sourced in South America and Africa.

Customer query

ALFA PRO was recently contacted by Arnold Koek, co-owner of Effiflora, whose wish was to work internationally and to create a webshop working on the basis of new technology.


Providing e-trade (stock from third-parties), fictitious products (pre-orders) and own stock in the webshop was the challenge we faced. The image below illustrates clearly how our software solves this:

In NEXT, it’s possible to create fictitious products which are displayed in the webshop. If an order is placed in the webshop with a delivery date selected by the customer, this is known in NEXT. The buyer has the possibility to base the purchasing need on the desired moment(s) of departure. After buying the need, the orders can be completed in NEXT, on the basis of which logistical and administrative activities follow.

Because both NEXT and the webshop run in the cloud, it can be used anywhere across the globe. What’s more, the webshop has a CMS system (content management system) which allows Effiflora to change the appearance of the shop at a moment’s notice, as a means of surprising customers.


The project has become a real partnership. ALFA nominated Amerik to implement NEXT and Jordy for the webshop. Effiflora provided active input for NEXT, and with trial and error came up with successful results. Examples are the ongoing development of the (pre-)ordering functionality and the data summary in sales. Effiflora also contributed ideas for the webshop, which will create opportunities for many more of ALFA’s customers. We are of course, grateful for all the effort and the whole collaboration.

Reaction of Effiflora

Arnold Koek: ‘In the 40 years I have been working in the sector, I’ve had to deal with changing to new software systems on numerous occasions. It was never a pleasant experience, always got drawn out and there were endless teething problems. To say that I was looking forward to this would have been an exaggeration. But, I must say, it all went swimmingly. From the very outset to today.

The preparations were fine and it was clear what needed doing: every ALFA colleague had his or her own speciality and I was able to follow the progress online. We held several meetings with programmers during the process to discuss the finer points. The mood was positive and engendered confidence. As a result, implementation went flawlessly. As far as communication was concerned I’d give all the staff at ALFA a 10 out of 10! It all went very smoothly, was clear-cut and well coordinated. What also pleased me was the proactive way of working and the rapid and satisfactory response to our feedback. All in all, a highly refreshing and positive experience!’

NEXT has been well received by Effiflora staff. Co-owner Dennis van der Zwet was quick to show his enthusiasm for its ease of use. Staff are also experiencing time savings and because of efficiencies in supplies and invoicing, fewer mistakes are being made. So, efficient and effective!

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