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Developers’ day out

Normally our developers can be found within the confines of their offices hard at work developing and optimising our AlfaPro NEXT software. Needless to say, with a steaming cup of coffee in between moments for sprint reviews, grooming and scrum meetings. In practice however, they see very little of their ‘baby’ NEXT. A number of our developers are familiar with the horticultural trade, but not all of them. So we thought it would be a good idea to send them out to a customer to see NEXT at work first-hand.

Cash & Carry Dobbeflowers

We chose Dobbeflowers, an outstanding Cash & Carry organisation trading in luxury (dried) flowers and decorative items, based in the Green Trade Center, Aalsmeer. Owner Patrick Dobbe didn´t have any second thoughts when we suggested the idea to him.

NEXT processes

On 14 June, we sent a team of 12 developers to Dobbeflowers. Patrick gave us a warm welcome and gave us a short introduction to the company. Next, he took us through the premises to see for ourselves the processes for which NEXT was being used: first with Inbound Goods, then Mobile Sales, Order Picking (tablets), Stock Management (tablet) and finally Cash-Register/POS (Point of Sale).

It was an interesting and informative morning whereby ideas and questions were exchanged to help fine tune the system in the future. Patrick, many thanks for your time and hospitality!

Read here about how NEXT is being implemented ate Dobbeflowers.

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