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AlfaPro NEXT webshop gaining in popularity

Online sales are accounting for an increasingly larger share of the current market. More and more businesses are therefore opting to instigate their own webshop.
Users of AlfaPro NEXT are likewise experiencing this phenomenon. At the moment around 75% makes use of a webshop or intends to do so.

New technology

The NEXT webshop is constantly evolving thanks to user feedback. For example, in recent times, a great deal of attention has focused on personalisation of shops and, behind the scenes, there has been much profit through improved efficiencies and data exchange.
Given that this involves many new technologies, it can produce some challenges, but ultimately it is these that help bring about further growth. We continue to work towards the improvement of our product in partnership with Studio Projectie and, of course, our customers.


What makes the NEXT webshop unique is the fact that orders can be placed 24/7, from a combination of one’s own stock, via virtual stock/pre-orders and direct via VMP (external live stock). This gives ‘end-users’ much wider options in terms of product range. Because ‘end-users’ do the shopping themselves, this means bigger time savings due to reductions in manual entry of orders which would otherwise come in via telephone, email or WhatsApp. The webshop is therefore playing an ever more significant role, but because orders and product availability is held in NEXT, in practice very little extra maintenance is needed.

User convenience

As far as the shop is concerned, the focus is on user convenience and finding a specific batch as soon as possible. The NEXT software package helps organise the ongoing logistics and administrative flow. This makes things easier to manage and both aspects can perform to their advantage.

Interested in the webshop? If so, feel free to contact us or watch the demo!

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