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AlfaPro NEXT ready for new German regulations

The KassenSichV regulations have been put in place by the German ministry of finance who are imposing new standards to avoid cash-register fraud.

Since 30 September 2020, cash registers in Germany which are designed for this purpose must be fitted with a so-called technical security system (TSE). This security device saves cash-register transactions in the internal memory and sends a code back to the cash register. This code must be printed on all receipts. The date is stored in a non-editable logbook and made exportable for the German tax authorities.

Ready for the future

AlfaPro NEXT satisfies the new cash-register guidelines and has a cloud-based TSE available. A link has been set up in collaboration with a certified external partner. To this end, AlfaPro NEXT is a perfectly suited software package for organisations like Cash &Carries and so ready for the future!

Want to know more about the link and about AlfaPro NEXT? If so, feel free to contact us!

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