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A new beginning

ALFA stands for ‘beginning’. As a company that is always looking for progress and innovation, we are happy that a ‘new beginning’ is now becoming very concrete for us. First with the arrival of a new director and now with new premises.

Future vision

A fresh start that fits perfectly with our vision for the future. We recently made the choice to outsource our hardware to JoreIT. We need less space as a result. In terms of layout, the current premises no longer fit the way we want to operate and are in need of renovation. All in all it was time to take this step.

Modern and practical

After careful consideration, we found a space that is not only modern and inspiring, but also practical and functional for our team. One of the main changes is that we are now all on one floor. This will make communication and cooperation even easier and more efficient. Besides, of course, it is also nice to literally see each other more often!

Easily accessible

Our new premises are located in Noordwijk, easily accessible and close to customers and the region where our employees live. With this move, we may be out of the way for our Rijnsburg customers, but we want to see and talk to our customers. We are looking for you. Personal contact and really understanding our customers, that’s where we want to make a difference.


Curious about our new location? Just give a call and feel free to drop by to take a look. You are more than welcome to join us for a cup of coffee or tea, so we can talk to each other again!

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